Capital Markets

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Capital Markets

This area of practice can be considered a strength of HM&P with many lawyers with long experience in advising companies listed on the Vietnamese stock market, including both securities companies and large investment funds operating in Vietnam.

We have advised clients on issuing bonds and listing their companies on the stock exchange, as well as on capital transactions with foreign organizations.

With in-depth legal knowledge and many years of practical experience in the capital and securities markets, HM&P lawyers constantly come up with innovative solutions to complete transactions with the highest efficiency.

In addition to providing effective advice, HM&P's lawyers also warn of the risks and pitfalls of raising capital through current capital raising channels.

The main services we provide in this area include:

  • Advice and preparation of legal documents for an offer to sell shares to existing shareholders, private placement of shares
  • Counseling and preparation of legal documents for public offer for sale of shares
  • Advisory services, implementation of procedures for registration of securities, registration of trading, registration of listing with the State Securities Commission, the Stock Exchange
  • Counseling, legal due diligence in capital contribution, capital transfer and sale transactions
  • Consulting and preparation of legal documents for bond issuance

Nguyen Van Phuc

Nguyen Van Phuc

Managing Partner
Nguyen Nhat Duong

Nguyen Nhat Duong