HM&P is a member and cooperative partner of VCCI-HCM

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    HM&P is a member and cooperative partner of VCCI-HCM
    Posted on: 29/01/2024

    On January 18, HM&P Law Firm ("HM&P") became an official member of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ho Chi Minh City Branch ("VCCI-HCM"). The event is a memorable milestone in the development of HM&P.

    Mr. Vo Tan Thanh, Vice Chairman of VCCI, spoke at the event

    HM&P hopes to receive support from VCCI-HCM in trade promotion, investment and business capacity building activities, as well as to connect and cooperate with VCCI members in the future. Moreover, as an official member of VCCI-HCM, HM&P not only has the opportunity to access important resources and information, but also can participate in activities and programs organized by VCCI to support and contribute to the sustainable development of the business community under the leadership of VCCI.

    Representing HM&P, Lawyer Nguyen Nhat Duong (second from the left) received the Certificate of VCCI-HCM Membership.

    Representing HM&P, Lawyer Nguyen Nhat Duong spoke at the event.

    Representatives from VCCI, VCCI-HCM and representatives from 23 newly recognized businesses as VCCI-HCM members took a commemorative photo together.

    HM&P and VCCI-HCM will be cooperation partners from 2023, when HM&P will no longer be an official member of VCCI-HCM. Specifically, in August 2023, HM&P and VCCI-HCM have agreed to cooperate in promoting the HM&P brand to customers through VCCI-HCM's communication channels and the "Doing business in Vietnam 2023". For HM&P, the cooperation agreement has helped to improve the level of brand awareness, as well as the areas and products and services that HM&P provides to customers who are members of VCCI-HCM and companies participating in business activities in the Vietnamese market.

    During the cooperation process, HM&P and VCCI-HCM have coordinated and provided valuable and high quality legal information and knowledge to be sent to VCCI-HCM members and partners. These articles have become a reliable resource and have received many positive comments from members and interested businesses. Accordingly, HM&P's publications have appeared regularly on traditional platforms and other products of VCCI-HCM, with 5 articles on the website and 4 articles shared on Fanpage and LinkedIn, demonstrating the good cooperation between HM&P and VCCI-HCM.

    Here are some outstanding pictures:

    Article introducing HM&P on the VCCI-HCM website

    Some featured articles of HM&P on the VCCI-HCM website

    HM&P's articles are shared on the VCCI-HCM fanpage

    With role and position as a member of VCCI and a cooperative partner with VCCI-HCM, HM&P hopes that HM&P will not only be an active member of the VCCI member community but also a reliable partner of the business community led by VCCI. HM&P believes and commits to bring valuable, positive and sustainable contributions to the overall development of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the coming time.

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