HM&P provides consulting services to organize the 2024 General Meeting Of Shareholders

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    HM&P provides consulting services to organize the 2024 General Meeting Of Shareholders
    Posted on: 15/01/2024

    Organizing the General Meeting of Shareholders is one of the important issues that enterprises operating under the type of joint stock companies need special attention. Through this meeting, shareholders will discuss and decide on important issues related to the business activities of the enterprise in the past year, as well as the business plan for the next year. At the same time, at this meeting, important issues of the enterprise also need to be approved, such as: Financial statements, Reports on evaluation of management and administration of the company, Business results report, Appraisal report of the Supervisory Board,...

    As a Law Firm providing in-depth legal services to businesses, we understand the importance and significance of the General Meeting of Shareholders. At the same time, we are also aware of some risks and obstacles that businesses may encounter during the organization of the General Meeting of Shareholders. These obstacles may prevent the organization of the meeting from taking place smoothly, in many cases affecting the legal validity of decisions issued from this meeting.

    With the characteristics of a type of enterprise with an unlimited number of shareholders, the organization of the current General Meeting of Shareholders poses a complex problem for enterprises to organize the most optimal meeting in terms of time and cost but still ensure strict compliance with legal regulations and in accordance with the actual situation of the business.

    For the reasons mentioned above, and with the desire to meet the actual needs of customers using HM&P's services, we are pleased to inform you that HM&P's "Consulting Services for the General Meeting of Shareholders" for the 2024 AGM.

    Specifically, for this service, HM&P will provide legal advice on the following matters:

    • Advising on the order and procedures for organizing the General Meeting of Shareholders in accordance with current laws;
    • Develop specific plans and plans to hold the AGM in accordance with regulations;
    •  Coordinate with the company's Governance Department to prepare legal issues that may arise during the general meeting of shareholders;
    • Send experts to attend and support before, during and after the AGM;
    • Prepare all documents for holding the AGM, including the meeting invitation process, during the meeting and after the AGM;
    • Advising on the disclosure of information of the AGM meeting to comply with securities laws and relevant laws.

    When using this service, Customers will receive timely advice and answers from HM&P for legal issues arising when organizing the General Meeting of Shareholders. At the same time, customers are also provided with draft documents necessary to hold a AGM in accordance with current laws.

    We believe that this service of HM&P will meet your needs in organizing the AGM professionally, efficiently and in full compliance with the law.

    HM&P hopes to accompany and serve you in the process of organizing the General Meeting of Shareholders in this "general meeting season" 2024.

    For more information about the service, please contact:

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