HM&P's Second Consecutive Participation in "Meet the Experts" Conference

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    HM&P's Second Consecutive Participation in "Meet the Experts" Conference
    Posted on: 03/04/2024

    On March 26th, HM&P had the privilege of participating in the prestigious "Meet The Experts 2024" (“MTE 2024”) conference for the second consecutive year. Hosted at the InterContinental Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, this year's event, themed "Market Reborn," brought together industry leaders, including our Managing Partner Nguyen Van Phuc, at the invitation of the organizing committee. The conference, organized by Savills Hotels, KOHLER, and WeHub, aimed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among professionals in the hospitality and real estate sectors.

    View at MTE 2024 (Source: Meet The Experts 2024)

    MTE 2024 stands as one of the region's foremost hospitality and real estate conferences, boasting over 30 prominent speakers from Vietnam and around the world. With more than 800 delegates, comprising experts, investors, and industry enthusiasts, the event served as a hub for insightful discussions and networking opportunities.

    Calendar of MTE 2024 (Source: Meet The Experts 2024)

    The conference spotlighted sustainability in the hospitality and real estate sectors, offering various platforms for engagement, including seminars, workshops, and group discussions led by seasoned speakers. Leveraging their vast expertise, speakers shared invaluable insights into Vietnam's hotel and real estate landscape, outlining future potentials and trends.

    Main Conference Session of MTE 2024 (Source: Meet The Experts 2024)

    Moreover, MTE 2024 provided a comprehensive overview of Vietnamese and Asian markets, shedding light on sustainability, evolving real estate trends, and other pertinent topics. Emphasizing the importance of connectivity and collaboration, the conference aimed to facilitate developmental opportunities, equipping stakeholders with the tools for sustainable growth.

    Master Class 1 (Source: Meet The Experts 2024)

    Highlighted topics of the program included "Local & Global Hotel Outlook", "Short-term Challenges and Long-term Opportunities: The Vietnam Real Estate Story", "Swelling Inflation - How is APAC Holding Up", "The Ultra-Luxury Way to Zero Waste: A Success Story from Six Senses", and "Onsen & Hot Spring Wellness Resorts: From Japanese Heritage to International Business Model", among others.

    Master Class 2 (Source: Meet The Experts 2024)

    Through the concerted efforts of WeHub Vietnam, Savills Hotels, and KOHLER, MTE 2024 was a resounding success. The conference not only served as a platform for knowledge dissemination but also contributed positively to the recovery and sustainable development of Vietnam's hospitality and real estate industry.

    Participation in MTE 2024 enabled our Managing Partner, Nguyen Van Phuc, to engage in crucial discussions and glean valuable industry insights. Additionally, it provided an avenue for direct interaction with investors, enterprises, and relevant entities, fostering dialogue on the challenges and opportunities within Vietnam's hospitality and real estate landscape.

    Our Managing Partner Nguyen Van Phuc representing HM&P, participated in the conference

    As a reputable business law firm, HM&P remains committed to understanding and addressing the needs of investors and businesses in the hospitality and real estate sectors. We stand ready to provide timely and effective support, contributing to the continued growth and success of our clients in Vietnam's dynamic market.

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