HM&P’s Lawyers Participated The Seminar "Connecting Hai Phong - Hong Kong" 

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    HM&P’s Lawyers Participated The Seminar "Connecting Hai Phong - Hong Kong" 
    Posted on: 04/05/2023

    On April 14, 2023, HM&P’s Lawyers participated in the seminar "Connecting Hai Phong - Hong Kong", which was organized by Hai Phong City People's Committee and the Hong Kong Business Association Vietnam (“HKBAV”), under the sponsorship and coordination of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Hai Phong City Department of Foreign Affairs.  

    The event aimed to promote and introduce investment environment, strong points and potentials of Hai Phong City as well as to facilitating exchanges and connections between Vietnamese businesses and HKBAV’s businesses.  

    Attending the event were Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ha Kim Ngoc; Vice Chairman of Hai Phong People’s Committee Le Khac Nam, leaders of relevant departments and agencies: Foreign Affairs, Planning and Investment, Trade and Industry, Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority; Mr. Michael Chiu, Chairman of HKBAV and other leaders of the HKBAV. The program “Connecting Hai Phong – Hong Kong” attracted about 150 delegates, who were representatives of Vietnamese and HKBAV’s businesses.     

    Mr. Le Khac Nam - Vice Chairman of Hai Phong PPC (Sources: HKBAV)

    Mr. Michael Chiu - Chairman of HKBAV (Sources: HKBAV)

    Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Managing Lawyer of HM&P, on behalf of HM&P has participated and discussed with the representative of Hai Phong City’s Authority, Ministry of Foreign Affair and other investors on the prospects and advantages of Hai Phong City that HM&P's clients would receive when investing in this City. In addition, Mr. Phuc Nguyen also shared the knowledge and experience of HM&P in the process of guiding foreign investors to invest in industrial parks and economic zones in Hai Phong City during the past time. 

    The leaders of Hai Phong City, the Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Department of Planning and Investment of Hai Phong City also provided valuable information on regulations and opportunities when investing in this city. The leaders also exchanged and discussed with representatives of companies and investors the incentives and support of the city when investing in Hai Phong. 

    Overall, the seminar was held successfully and provided a platform to discuss the growth potential of Hai Phong. HM&P is dedicated to closely connecting domestic and foreign investors with Hai Phong City to ensure mutual benefits. Additionally, with the strong support from Hai Phong City, The management board of Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park, HM&P believe that we will keep providing high-quality and efficient services to our clients when invest in this City. 

    Below are some images of Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc and the seminar "Connecting Hai Phong - Hong Kong":

    Speakers at Seminar: Hai Phong targets double digits GRDP growth in 2023 (Sources: HKBAV)

    Luật sư Nguyễn Văn Phúc cùng đoàn tham quan KCN & Cảng Nam Đình Vũ (Sources: HKBAV)

    Luật sư Nguyễn Văn Phúc tham quan Cảng Nam Đình Vũ

    Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc - HM&P's Managing Partner at Nam Dinh Vu Port

    Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc and Mr. Fred Burke - Vice Chairman of HKBAV

    (Sources: HKBAV)

     (Sources: HKBAV)

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