Notice Of Expected Release Of Publication: "Legal Guidelines: Company Advertising And Promotion Compliance"

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    Notice Of Expected Release Of Publication: "Legal Guidelines: Company Advertising And Promotion Compliance"
    Posted on: 07/08/2023

    In the context of a dramatic decline in purchasing power due to the negative impact of economic fluctuations, several companies are currently intensifying their trade promotion activities in order to improve their business situation in the last months of the year.

    Two of the trade promotion activities that many companies are currently using are sales promotion and advertising. If advertising is aimed at promoting the image of a company's products or services to consumers, then sales promotion  is aimed at stimulating the purchase and sale of goods and services by offering clients certain benefits. Due to the nature of activities aimed at the public, therefore, when conducting sales promotion or advertising, companies are required to carry out administrative procedures in certain cases.

    Understanding the important of carrying out administrative procedures in the fields of sales promotion and advertising, HM&P has compiled a legal publication to guide the implementation of some noteworthy administrative procedures in these fields.

    This publication aims to help companies currently engaged in sales promotion and advertising activities to understand the specific regulations related to these activities, as well as the practical implementation at the relevant State authorities. In doing so, companies can apply this knowledge to their own operations. In addition, through this publication, HM&P also links questions posed by our clients through the legal services we provide by us and the corresponding answers from HM&P for the reference of companies.

    Specifically, this publication focuses on 04 (four) notable administrative procedures that enterprises often have to carry out, including:

    • Sales promotion notification procedures;
    • Sales promotion registration of procedures;
    • Notification procedure for advertising product on billboards, banners; and
    • Procedures for registration of functional foods advertising content.

    This publication is expected to be officially released and published on HM&P’s website and all other media platforms of HM&P at 3:00 pm on Friday, August 11th, 2023. HM&P respectfully invites to our valued clients/enterprises and everyone to read this publication, and at the same time, we hope that our readers will find useful and valuable information through this publication.

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