Why should you engage the services of a law firm to assist you in holding your Annual General Meeting of Shareholders?

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    Why should you engage the services of a law firm to assist you in holding your Annual General Meeting of Shareholders?
    Posted on: 21/02/2024

    The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders ("AGM") is not only an annual event, but also an important opportunity for companies to present, discuss, make important decisions and create transparency in corporate governance. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the AGM is well organized and professional. At present, many companies have understood the importance of the AGM and therefore trust to choose consulting services on organization of the meetings of law firms for advice and support in implementation of this activity.

    The consulting service of organizing the AGM of law firms has become popular with the following advantages:

    1. Ensure that the AGM is held correctly and effectively in accordance with the law

    With their legal knowledge and practical experience, the lawyers of the law firm will provide companies with useful advice on how to organize an AMG on the basis of strict compliance with legal regulations at all stages. The presence and assistance of the law firm in the process of organizing the AGM also shows the transparency of the companies in corporate governance activities.

    In addition, the understanding of the importance and legal validity of the decisions taken at the AGM is the basis for law firms to advise companies on how to organize the most effective AGM.

    2. Making the AGM more professional

    With the advice of the law firm, the AGM meeting can be held in a more professional manner. This is reflected in the consistency and logic in each work item and procedure that the company implements during the entire process of organizing the AGM. In addition, for public companies, the organization of a professional AGM brings great communication value to the company and contributes to building or improving the company's reputation in the eyes of shareholders and investors.

    3. Manage, mitigate risks and troubleshoot

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    For companies with a large number of shareholders, incidents and risks arise when holding the general meeting of shareholders is a frequent occurrence. With the characteristics of management activities, resolving disputes and problems arising in business activities, a professional law firm will help companies to anticipate and quickly grasp risks and incidents that may arise during the organization of the general meeting. At the same time, with the advice of a law firm, companies can minimize and overcome the above risks and incidents in a timely manner.

    It can be seen that the organization of a successful and effective general meeting is a task that requires a high degree of care, meticulousness and professionalism. Therefore, it is very necessary for companies to choose a reputable and qualified law firm to assist in the process of organizing the general meeting. With a team of lawyers with many years of experience in corporate governance in general and in advising on the organization of general meetings in particular, HM&P Law Firm is very proud to be one of the law firms currently providing this service effectively. We hope to accompany you in the upcoming AGM season.

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